Friday, September 23, 2016

Unless you have an unlimited supply of cash, or you figure you won’t be staying in your
current home much past retirement, you will want to approach a bathroom remodel or upgrade
with an eye towards what is both attractive now and functional as you grow older.

The image of an accessible bathroom as something clinical- or sterile-looking is outdated. It’s not only possible to have an appealing and charming powder room that incorporates
accessibility features, it’s become easier than ever, thanks largely to the aging Baby
Boomer population that has begun requesting such things.

Grab bars, head rests and other assistive technology are far less blatant and cold in
appearance than they once were. And if homeowners aren’t ready to incorporate all of these
elements into a current bathroom scheme, remodels can still be designed to add these
elements with a minimum of fuss and disruption later.

Walk-in tubs and showers have crossed over from being viewed as “old people’s” things to
being trendy and convenient for everyone. And the technology of lighting design has
advanced to such an extent that bathroom illumination can be flexible, so as to allow for
adjustment from recessed to bold and all degrees between, depending on individual need at
the time.

There’s a potential financial bonus to bathroom design, as well. Bathroom upgrades ensure
greater resale value. And if a member of your household has any type of physical challenge, and if the remodel is focused on making the space compliant with ADA (Americans with
Disabilities Act) regulations, there is a possibility that Medicare of Medicaid will cover
some of the cost if the remodel includes things like environment accessibility adaptions
or assistive technology. Don’t assume these are covered, however, without checking with
your doctor or local Medicare policies.

Don’t reject the idea of accessible bathroom design out of hand without first exploring
the new technologies and products available to add both style and increased quality of
life to one of the most important rooms in your home. For additional advice or assistance
in any of your home upgrade or repair projects, call 407-458-6935 or go to | 407-458-6935 |

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